Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching is a six session series in which artists or "non-artists" who wish to integrate their lives more holistically can do so. Using a unique combination of artistic & spiritual formation approaches, Lenore guides and accompanies participants to design a lifestyle which fosters a deeper sense of connectedness & well-being which provides clarity, balance and fun.

The essential philosophy is this: Every person is whole, creative, and resourceful, and has all the wisdom needed to create the best life possible.

Work, relationships, and life itself, when skillfully crafted and executed, become art themselves. By tapping into the creative stream, Lenore encourages people to hear & trust intuition, shift awareness, take risks, and learn to improvise. Creativity Coaching brings transformation & refreshment which aids in personal problem solving, empowerment and which helps each person more fully engage in the dynamic practice of authentically living a fulfilling life.

6 sessions, 1½ hours each is $300 (includes art materials).