Art Rentals

Try before you buy

At Lenore Walker Decorative & Fine Art, I want you to be certain you love the artwork you select. Renting from my collection lets you live with a painting before making the commitment to purchase it. Although you can rent any work of art for as many three-month rental terms as you like, at the end of each rental term you have the option to buy the work. I will apply 50% of the rental fees paid toward the purchase price.

To create new views

Who doesn't need a change of scenery now and then? Renting art lets you change the look of your home or office very easily.

To liven up the work place

Original paintings provide a sophisticated finishing touch for workplaces as well as homes. A homebuyer can rent to own a piece of art; an easy and affordable way to uniquely add to your decor and add to your collection. Renting art allows corporate clients to enhance their offices with some of my finest work as an emerging artist at excellent rates. In addition, you can treat the cost of renting artwork as an operating expense, which then, reduces taxes.

Rental Fee Schedule

Purchase PriceRental Price for 3 months
$500 to $749$125
$750 to $999$155
$1000 to $1499$185
$1500 to $1999$215
$2000 to $2499$245
$2500 to $2999$285
$3000 to $3499$325
$3500 to $3999$365
$4000 to $4499$405
$4500 to $4999$445
$5000 to $5499$485
$5500 to $5999$525
$6000 to $6499$565

Rental Policies

Lenore Walker Decorative & Fine Art rents work to clients or locations within the Tri-cities, Golden Horseshoe & Grey-Bruce areas.

Fifty percent of rental fees paid on a work of art can be applied to the purchase price of the work.

For corporate clients, I also offer on-site consulting services.

To learn more about these rental services, call Lenore at (905) 646-8849, or email