Restorative Art-Making for Groups and Individuals (Art Therapy)

It is art that makes Life, makes interest, makes importance, and I know of no substitute for the force and beauty of its process.

- Henry James

Art therapy is an interactive treatment in which the counselee participates in their unique life journey or personal healing through making art. It is founded on the idea that the making of visual imagery can unearth feelings and perceptions that are at times more difficult to express verbally. Since its more formalized inception in the 1940's it has become a widely accepted and recognized treatment method to assist individuals in their personal growth, self-awareness and behavioral change.

Art therapy is a blend of aspects of the creative process, visual art, human development and learning, mental and emotional health and spirituality. This activity encourages the participant to explore their inner landscape and experiences in the belief that this "soul archaeology" will assist them in moving towards greater personal wholeness through the use of art materials and relevant tasks sensitively and skillfully guided by the art therapist. The metaphors and symbols which the individual's art-making divulge can help them to gain insight about their behaviors, thoughts, feelings and situation by bringing the issues they face to light thus allowing examination of them and discovery of new pathways for applying those insights in a safe, interactive encounter with themselves and with their therapist.

Lenore provides restorative art-making sessions for those interested in exploring some of the healing aspects of creating art. She is currently studying to gain certification in art therapy through St. Stephen's College at the University of Alberta. Her interest is in introducing interested individuals and groups to the exploration of a variety of art media for their own health and well-being. This activity can heighten personal awareness and provide an opportunity to gain deeper insight through the art-making. Please consider the Mandala and Soul Cards workshops in the Workshops menu. Group sessions can be arranged for mornings, afternoons, evenings or full days and individual clients who wish to explore their personal spiritual formation or soul journey are also welcome. Note that Lenore is currently an Art Therapy student and that this service does not qualify as professional counseling or certified art therapy. For more information, please see the contact page on the website.