Spiritual Portraits

Spirit Portraits are powerful, inspiring, personal imagery filled with affirmation and inspiration to be your authentic self. Based on a firm belief that when you see truth you can recognize it and live in it, you will be encouraged each time you view & experience your portrait…

Each portrait is a divinely intuitive painting revealing aspects of your true spirit through illustration on canvas or fine art paper. As the artist, I seek through interviews & initial photographs to paint a divinely inspired representation. Each portrait is alive with vital energy, reflecting back the higher essence of the individual which then acts as a continued positive life influence.

The portrait acts as a sacred portal, encouraging greater access to your true, multi-dimensional self. Spirit Portraits are an avenue to connect to your true spirit, beauty and divine nature & help you to more consciously focus on your gifts and life's purpose. Over and over, clients are amazed at how beautiful, diverse and spiritually gifted they are. When they begin to reflect upon & experience their divine beauty and individual power through their portrait, they receive confirmation of a deeper knowing of themselves.

They move forward in their lives with a more profound feeling of love, a greater sense of faith in themselves and clarity in living their life. These portraits provide enlightenment, grace & confidence, while releasing fresh ability to choose to walk in the path of one's true being, blessed and then able to share that blessing.

20" x 30" Spirit Portrait rendered in oil, acrylic or pastel (at the discretion of the artist) is $400 which includes a brief written explanation about your portrait & its symbolism. Larger portraits are available by special request & custom priced.